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DSK-JR   |   Rectular/square Louvre (multi-blade) Damper Valve

Application :

For control (modulating) service


Range :

Size: DN200x200-4000x4000 or rectangular 


Connection :

Flanged, butt-weld

Flange drilling in accordance with :

DIN24193  or Custom build


Inspection & Testing

FCI 70-2 Class I & II available (0.5%- KV90)



Temperature Range :

-40/  +750°C


Material :

Carbon Steel, AISI304, AISI316, AISI253MA, AISI321, AISI309, Alloy 800HT / 625, … 


Design Rules :

EN12516-1, EN12516-2, ANSI 16.34, EN1090


Face 2 Face :

Manufacturer standard or according to customer specification


Operated :

Handlever, gearbox, pneumatic actuator, Electrical actuator

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