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Inlet control valve dampers

Inlet control valve dampers continuously control the capacity of fans at a fixed speed.

  • Rotating discs in the same direction 
  • Valve blades can be adjusted from one point at the same time
  • Rotates or contrarotates the swirl
  • Firm and vibration-free wafer axle and actuator

Advantages of inlet control valve dampers

  • Aerodynamic control without any loss
  • Fan retains high efficiency at lower performance
  • Fast switching time
  • Valve discs always inside the body
  • Low-volume stalling

Options for inlet control valve dampers

  • Available in steel, stainless steel and high quality alloy
  • Available with internal and external bearings 
  • Seal with an adjustable compression packing or with o-rings
  • Valve position can be set with handle, hand wheel, electric or pneumatic drive

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